Hate Speech!


1. The Pakistan Penal Code is fairly rigorous on the subject of hate crimes of all kind, two serious issues are Firstly, contradictory laws like the blasphemy laws challenge the ability to prosecute under the Pakistan Penal Code and secondly, over the decades, we have seen less and less implementation of the Penal Code as in the protection of rights of our minority citizens and connecting it to hate speech.


2. Article 153-A of the Penal Code prescribes punishments for promoting “enmity, hatred or ill-will between different religious, racial, language or regional groups or castes or communities”.

Religious leaders and human rights activists at a consultative workshop have been urging the government to take action against those involved in spreading hatred against specific communities through graffiti, loudspeakers and literature.


3. “Of course, laws can be made more severe in order to deal with issues of hate speech,” thinks former interior secretary. “But a revival of the magistrates system is imperative to deal with the issue.” He added that the monitoring of preachers, hate literature and use of mosque loudspeakers was previously the executive magistracy system’s responsibility in accordance to national action plan.


4. Hate Speech: The inter-faith dimension. Such propaganda that is widely circulated in the society for a very long time. This is now being less acceptable in the youth of Pakistan, with the trend of sane voices standing up for their own and other’s right to Co-Existence. Much preached by our sufi saints.


5. Gathered outside a Masjid in Islamabad to protest the Terrorist-sympathetic stance. Quite a few things enabled the people from the civil society: the media covered the rhetoric HATE SPEECH of the maulvi, the people were enraged at the Peshawar massacre, and the government was immediately enacting and honing new laws against terrorism, including some measures against the terrorist sympathizers. This nexus of events and possibilities created that one chance where the civil society protesters were heard and eventually the police and the courts were forced to take up the issue like hate speech.



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